Self Care for Corns & Callouses


Frustrated with painful corns, callouses or cracked heels? You're not alone. Follow this simple step-wise approach to treating your callouses or corns. Many of the products shown below can be obtained from our on-line store or through other local or on-line retailers. 

Patients with Diabetes, poor circulation or neuropathy (nerve damage) should not attempt self-treatment without first consulting with their Podiatrist. 


1. Use an abrasive device to thin out the callous or corn. These devices can be as simple as a sponge, pumice stone or Ped-Egg or as complex as an electric rotary drill. This should be done daily with a sponge or weekly with an electric device. 


Foot Buffer Pro


PediNova III Electric Nail and Foot Care Kit



2. Apply a skin softening cream to all corns and calloused areas twice daily. 


PediFix Podiatrists' Choice Callus Control Cream



3. Wear a gel-lined sock to bed each night. These help retain moisture, and when combined with a good skin softening cream can make callouses and cracked heels disappear within a month. 


Women's Terry Gel-Lined Moisturizing Sock


Try these steps for at least one month before deciding if they are working. If you still have pain or if this treatment is too cumbersome or time consuming for you, consult with a podiatrist about other treatment options. In or near Mesa, Arizona schedule an appointment with Dr. Clement.