Self Care for Bunions


If you have painful bunions, you may benefit from simple treatments that you can do yourself. 

Follow the stepwise approach listed below. Any products shown are available in our on-line store, or similar products can be found at other on-line retailers, in high quality drug stores, shoe stores, or prosthetics shops. 

You should know within a week or two if these tips are controlling your symptoms. If symptoms are not controlled to your satisfaction and you find you are unable to do the things you love because of bunion pain, make an appointment with a Podiatrist to have your foot examined. Near Mesa, Arizona, make an appointment with Dr. Clement for a comprehensive bunion evaluation. 


1. Evaluate your shoes. Are your feet wider than your shoes?

  • Trace the outline of your foot on a piece of white paper. 
  • Trace the outline of your shoe on the same piece of paper. 
  • If the foot outline is wider than the shoe, Consider buying a wider shoe. Many quality shoes such as Ecco, Aravon, and Clarks brands are available in more then one width for any given size, such as the shoe shown below:

Orthofeet Women's Manhattan Mary Jane Black Leather Shoes

  •  If only the bunion portion of your foot tracing extends outside the tracing of the shoes, simply stretching the shoe with a ball-and-ring stretcher to accommodate your bunion may provide the pressure relief you need. 

Ball and Ring Shoe Stretcher


2. Obtain a toe separator or toe splint to wear in your shoes. These devices keep your great toe in better alignment. Better alignment will make your bunion "bump" less prominent and rub the shoes less.


PediFix GelSmart Toe Spacer -- Bunion Guard Combo


3. Wear an orthotic arch support insole. Bunions are mad worse by low-arched feet. 


Powerstep SlimTech ¾ Length



4. Use over-the-counter pain medicines such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve) as directed on the bottle.

Topical pain relievers such as Flexstat Topical Pain Reliever ï»¿may also help and do not carry the serious side-effect risks of oral medicines. 


Flexstat Topical Pain Reliever


If after one or two weeks you still have pain that limits your ability to work or do the things you love, make an appointment with Dr. Clement. Your feet don't have to hurt!