Self Care for Athlete's Foot


Athlete's Foot can be challenging to treat. If you are frustrated dealing with a chronic case of Athlete's Foot but aren't quite ready for a Podiatry Consultation, this page is for you.

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Below is a step-wise approach to treating your Athlete's Foot Infection:


Part I. Foot Hygiene

1. Devote a minute or two in the shower to washing your feet. This means putting hands to feet with soap and washing well between the toes and under and around toenails. Studies have shown as many as 75% of adults do not wash their feet when showering, simply relying on the runoff from the rest of their body to take care of the feet.


2. Wash at least once daily with an antifungal soap.

 PediFix Tea Tree Ultimates FungaSoap


3. If your feet sweat, wear socks that wick moisture from your skin. Cotton socks absorb moisture but keep it against the skin instead of wicking it away. Wool blends or acrylic blends are better at drawing perspiration away from the skin.

 SmoothToe Recovery Athletic Energizing Socks With Padded Soles


4. If your feet are still too moist, use a foot anti-perspirant. 

 Pedinol Ostiderm Roll-On Deodorant & Antiperspirant For The Feet


5. Use an antifungal foot powder in your socks and shoes.

 Medline Remedy Antifungal Powder


6. Don't wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. 


7. Bleach your socks. 


8. Use an antifungal device or spray to eliminate fungus spores from shoes. 

SteriShoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer


Part II. Antifungal Skin Treatment

9. Apply an antifungal topical medicine to the affected skin and surrounding areas twice daily. Treat for at least 2 weeks or until skin appears normal, then treat an additional week. 

 Medline Remedy Antifungal Cream


10. Prevent Re-infection: Repeat steps 1-7 or follow the guidelines on our Fungus Prevention Page to keep your feet looking and feeling their best. 


11. Get Professional Help. If you don't notice a significant improvement in appearance and symptoms within 2 weeks of starting treatment, then schedule an appointment with a podiatrist for professional evaluation and treatment. In Mesa, Arizona see Dr. Clement for a comprehensive evaluation including diagnositic testing if necessary.